Who Is Daniel Radcliffe's Girlfriend | Daniel Radcliffe and Erin Darke

Who Is Daniel Radcliffe's Girlfriend | Daniel Radcliffe and Erin Darke

Daniel Radcliffe and actress Erin Darke met on the set of the movie Kill Your Darlings back in 2012
The 32-year-old actor was joined by girlfriend Erin Darke at a New York City screening of his new comedy The Lost City at the Whitby Hotel on Monday. The pair made a rare red carpet appearance for the occasion coordinating in black-and-white ensembles.
Darke is an actress who has appeared in series like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and Dietland
Darke kicked off her acting career in 2009 when she first appeared in a short film titled Obelisk Road.
Since then she's been featured in numerous films and television series including The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Good Girls Revolt and Dietland.
She also acted in the Oscar-nominated film Still Alice and the Beach Boys biopic Love & Mercy.
Darke was born in Flint Michigan and grew up in the Midwest before enrolling in the University of Michigan-Flint when she was just 16. She graduated with a bachelor of fine arts in theatre performance in 2005 which she says helped her hone her acting skills and successfully begin her career.
Darke said in an interview that I was so young when I started the small and very personal nature of the theatre department at UM-Flint was incredibly helpful for me to grow as both a person and a performer.

Darke worked in a casting office after moving to New York City but decided to pursue acting full-time
After graduating from college Darke headed to the Big Apple to pursue acting and ended up getting cast in a few small scale plays. When she realized that she still had a lot to learn about the entertainment industry she got an internship at a casting office — and was soon working there full time. She went on to serve as a casting associate on numerous projects including The Carrie Diaries The Wolverine and Noah.
Darke recalled to the University of Michigan-Flint that she really enjoyed the job and learned so much about the industry and auditioning and I got to work with these amazing directors on incredible projects.
She met Radcliffe on the set of their film Kill Your Darlings in 2012
After connecting on set Radcliffe and Darke bonded over the same "nerdy" things. Radcliffe explained that he had always thought he would have to hide his nerdy side from women but actually felt completely comfortable around Darke.
Radcliffe was just 11 when he was cast in the blockbuster Harry Potter movies and Darke have chosen to live private lives opting to mostly stay out of the public eye when they're not promoting something.
After dating for nearly a decade Radcliffe and Darke have become each other's biggest fans supporting all of the projects they individually decide to take on.
In March 2023 Radcliffe confirmed that the couple were expecting their first baby and just six months after he told that he hopes to protect his possible future child from fame.
Shortly after in April 2023 the pair was spotted walking with a stroller in NYC Radcliffe's rep subsequently confirmed that the couple had welcomed their child.


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