The Vince Staples Show Season 1 Trailer | Netflix Official Teaser Release Date

The Vince Staples Show Season 1 Trailer | Netflix Official Teaser Release Date

Vince Staples is getting his own Netflix series. The rapper and occasional actor first tweeted about his show on Monday but it wasn’t until Wednesday that we got our first look at it in Netflix’s new trailer and it already looks great. The series called The Vince Staples Show will premiere on Feb. 15.
The trailer starts off with Vince arriving at his home and sitting down on the couch to watch TV with his girlfriend. As she asks him about his day we see brief flashes from the show of Vince beefing with someone in a mascot costume getting recognized during a bank robbery and struggling to order fast food.
The trailer seems to be more interested in communicating the vibe of the show than any actual plot details but it’s pretty successful nonetheless. Each scene looks weirder funnier and more tense than the last. It would be hard for an offbeat series created by a rapper to dodge comparisons to the Donald Glover-created Atlanta but weirdly the trailer has a similar feel to Uncut Gems too where Adam Sandler’s minor New York celebrity took him to some pretty terrible places.
The Vince Staples Show also stars Andrea Ellsworth and Bell Calloway. Other featured appearances include Scott MacArthur Arturo Castro Nate Jones Bryan Greenberg and Myles Bullock. Over on the production side of things Staples is an executive producer along with Kenya Barris Ian Edelman Maurice Williams William Stefan Smith and Corey Smyth. Fans of Barris's previous work might end up feeling right at home in this fictional version of Long Beach California. There's a delicate balance of imagined nonsense and moments influenced by Staples' real life. Check out the trailer for yourself down below.
While Staples is mostly a musician this isn’t his first time trying to get a show off the ground. He also created a much smaller version of The Vince Staples Show for Facebook back in 2019 but that series was short-lived. Since then Staples has shown up on series like Abbott Elementary and Insecure.

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